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January 2004
The Ringers is devoted to studying the writings of JRR Tolkien. We have just finished studying The Lord of The Rings and are in the process of deciding what Tolkien book to study next.

At present The Ringers is a MSN group, with many hopes and desires of expanding to better meet the needs of our members.

What The Ringers Offer:
  • Tolkien Studies
  • Middle-earth History - Share your knowledge and learn from others.
  • Fun & Games
  • Pictures - Share your favourite pictures and graphics.
  • Movie Talk - talk about any Tolkien movies.
  • A place to meet others who also love Tolkien.
To access these great topics and many more, choose Community on the left-hand panel or click here.

Countdown To Peter Jackson's
~ Return of the King DVD ~
November 26th, 20043

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